Factory Intelligence Through Simulations

Synchronous captures complex factory relationships and dependencies to enhance decision making across the entire production chain


To help factories unlock massive gains in their production chain through smarter, faster decision making

90% of factories rely on human judgement to make critical production chain decisions. How do I best allocate my resources? Which orders do I prioritize? How much SKU should I maintain? And more. Today, these decisions create silos and lack of visibility, trapping 10% of potential output. Decision inefficiencies in manufacturing trap $1.2 trillion annually.

Synchronous solves this problem. Founded in 2018, we’re a Singapore-based artificial intelligence company of PhDs, software engineers, and domain experts. We’re committed to helping factories unlock massive efficiency and productivity gains in their production chains through quantitative, accurate decision making. Together with our customers, we’re building the next generation of enterprise manufacturing software.


Previous solutions have struggled to adequately capture and dynamically optimize complex production chains. At Synchronous, we’ve developed an entirely new way of simulating production chains, adaptable across multiple manufacturing verticals. Combined with state-of-the-art A.I. optimization techniques and a modern SaaS UI/UX, we help factories unlock massive gains with thoughtful implementation and minimal disruption.


Synchronous does the heavy simulation analysis behind the scenes to surface actionable insights across multiple use cases, including production visibility, scheduling scenarios, SKU management, deadline probabilities, and multi-site coordination. Working seamlessly alongside your existing ERP and spreadsheet workflows, we enhance decision making capabilities across your entire production chain.

1) Define Resources

Create a simulation of your production, including machines, production lines, warehouse, inventory, changeover rules, shifts, and more.

2) Input Orders

Key in new sales orders or forecasts as they come in, with due dates, criticality, and step-by-step operations with timings if necessary.

3) Update State

Any changes to the factory state, including order progress, output, breakdowns, and delays, will be logged and updated.

4) Evaluate Insights

Multiple scenarios with tradeoffs, according to specified objectives, will be highlighted for analysis before live deployment into the production chain.

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